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Welcome to Andu Cafe

Ethiopian Vegan Food in London

Andu cafe is a small cafe and restaurant offering a simple menu with 6 dishes which are served with injera or rice. You get all 6 samples with a choice of portion size - takeaway, a small meal for one and meal for two. We are the first and only Ethiopian restaurant in London that specializes in traditional Ethiopian vegan food. Andu Cafe is a cosy place with Ethiopian look and feel. We are open Everyday from 12 pm - 10 pm. We serve lunch and dinner in our restaurant. We also do takeaway. Please feel free to browse the website and learn about our menus and services.

Injera is used as the base of any Ethiopian meal, spread flat out over a communal pan and topped with Ethiopian saucy dishes.It’s the staple starch and filler of Ethiopia, a food that just about all Ethiopians, no matter what class or status, eat one, two, or even three times daily. Injera is made from teff, an ancient grain that’s native to Ethiopia, 

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As soon as you walk into the cafe, you call tell this place is authentic, you aren't going to find Andu cafes popping up as a mega chain any time soon. The walls depict scenes of some of Ethiopia's amazing scenery, as thought straight out of a travel brochure. At the back a women cooks Ethiopian flat bread, Injera, on a small stove and calor gas.

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Andu Cafe
Andu cafe has been in the business for over 10 years. Andu Cafe is the first and only Ethiopian restaurant in the Uk that specializes in Ethiopian Vegan food. We are set to make history by being the first Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant in the country. Our main goal is to create a cosy environment for our customers where they can experience the delicious food.

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Andu Cafe food price - The Sampler (Platter)


Takeaway at Andu Cafe
We have a verity of recipes for specials. The menu is very simple, consisting of six vegan dishes served together as a “sampler” platter; the main choice is whether you’d like them served with injera or rice. Tell us what you want and we will gladly prepare it for you. We are open from 12 Pm - 10 PM. Simply call us to order takeaway

Andu Cafe Food Special

London Vegan Food

Take a look at the images of our special Ethiopian vegan food that you can order from the menu.

Our menu is made up of carefully selected ingredients that come together perfectly to create a menu that’s full of flavours to suit all tastes. Each dish has its own story to tell.

Stop by Andu cafe for authentic traditional Ethiopian Vegan food. View our menu for more details.

AAndu Cafe food special
Vegan Food from menu
Andu Cafe food special 03
Ethiopian Vegan
Andu Cafe food special 04
Andu Cafe food special
Andu Cafe food special
Vegan Food from menu

Andu Cafe's New Look

Andu Cafe has been refurbished recently in order to accommodate more people . Our restaurant is now specious and has a different look. Come and visit us or make a Reservation online.

Andu Cafe interior05

Andu Cafe from outside 02
Andu Cafe from outside
Andu Cafe interior
Andu Cafe's New Look 02
Andu Cafe's New Look
Andu Cafe interior04
Andu Cafe interior

Andu Cafe Customers

We are the first Ethiopian Vegan food supplier in the UK. Our customers come from all walks of life. We are committed to create a pleasant and friendly environment for our customers where they can experience the delicious Ethiopian traditional food. Our staff are welcoming and hospitable while serving you with great Ethiopian vegan food. Come and visit us to feel the experience. You can also order Takeaway.


Clients enjoying our takeaway
Clients enjoying our vegan food
Andu cafe in full swing

Customers Comments

Andu Cafe - London Vegan Food

What a treat!

by MartinaB

Really lovely little place. We rang up prior to calling in as we were due to arrive only 15 minutes before they closed and they were very welcoming and said it would be no problem. The food was delicious and left you feeling really good inside afterwards. Quick service and friendly staff. Inexpensive and great value for money. We will definitely be coming here again when we visit London!

cheap, simple and cheerful

by jon active

Dalston is the epicentre of hipster dome and so avoidable if possible but this little cafe is a delightful oasis of no thrills, no-nonsense, no hipsters basic old school Hackney culture. There is not a vast choice but ask for the vegan platter to share amongst however many you are and you'll get interestingly shaped dishes with at least four different servings to eat with your Injera - soda bread pancake thing ! Tis good.

Delicious authentic East African Veg food!

by TommyFitzer

Absolutely delicious

Amazing food

So healthy

And ran and cooked by the loveliest people ! Authentic Ethiopian dishes, fermented injira (gluten free sourdogh make from

Red) and all vegan! My fa

Tasty, cosy, cheap spot....but small portions

by Toast and Avocado

I was excited to try this vegan spot after reading the reviews. As expected, it was a cosy little place with tasty Ethiopian food. We got the shared plate for 2, which includes lentil, split peas, spinach, bean, potato and cabbage dishes. Service was quick and staff were friendly... but we found the portion size to be quite small. We ended up grabbing something to eat after, as we were still hungry. So I do recommend this place, it was a nice experience, but on this occasion it was not enough food for 2 hungry vegans.

lovely discovery

by Purpletrousers

Very happy to find this basic, friendly, healthy good value place, perfect for a 100% Vegan dinner before going to the Arcola Theatre 3mins away. Really enjoyed the warm welcome, will definitely be back. I've uploaded the menu pic, it's just that plus a choice of Ethiopian Beer and coffee; black chai/masala tea, lemon & Ginger tea, & cans of fizzy pop. Opening hours were very wrong on here, hopefully will soon be updated to 1-10pm every day. Also enjoyed the music. We had the platter to share one with rice one with the Injera bread (Teff flour pancake); saw someone else get theirs served all dishes *on* the Injera which I prefer and will do next time. I don't know if it's the best as someone said, ages since I've been to other Ethiopian in London, but really enjoyed & highly recommend 🙂

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Andu Cafe - London Vegan Food

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Andualem Weldemichal (Andu)

Ethiopian Vegetarian Food

How to Eat Healthy (and Delicious) in Ethiopia

By Mark Wiens

Ethiopia is one of the top livestock producing nations in the world.

People LOVE to eat meat!

But the good news is, if you’re vegetarian, or if you just want to eat healthy, Ethiopia also has some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had in the world.

Far from a vegetarian myself, I ended up eating probably half or more of my meals vegetarian. Because in Ethiopia, just like in India when it comes to vegetarian and vegan food, Ethiopia knows how to do it well.

Eating Ethiopian Vegetarian Food

According Ethiopian Orthodox Church, every Wednesday and Friday, as well as the Lent period, are “fasting days.”

Now this isn’t the type of fasting where you refrain from eating altogether, but instead, fasting in Ethiopia means that you omit meat and all animal products from your diet – this includes meat, milk, butter, cheese – ingredients that are otherwise heavily used in Ethiopian cooking.

The good thing is, spices (berbere) are still permitted, so Ethiopian vegetarian and vegan food is still tasty and delicious.


First things first: injera.

It’s the staple starch and filler of Ethiopia, a food that just about all Ethiopians, no matter what class or status, eat one, two, or even three times daily.

Injera is made from teff, an ancient grain that’s native to Ethiopia, and really only eaten by Ethiopians and Eritreans.

Teff flour is mixed with water until it becomes a batter. It’s left to ferment, giving it a signature sour flavor, and then fried like a pancake in large circles.

Injera is used as the base of any Ethiopian meal, spread flat out over a communal pan and topped with Ethiopian saucy dishes.

Restaurants also normally have extra rolls of injera you can use to scoop up the dishes on your plate, but often there’s enough excess injera from the base that you don’t really need any extra.

The spongy pancake staple is something you’ll be eating every single day in Ethiopia, no matter if you’re a strict vegetarian or a hardcore carnivore.

Everyone eats injera, and it’s served complimentary with any Ethiopian dish you choose. I personally love it!

Yetsom Beyaynetu – The Veg Platter

Let’s start with a complete Ethiopian vegetarian food meal known as yetsom beyaynetu.

It’s essentially a mixed combination platter of injera topped with a variety of strictly vegan curries and vegetables available that day.

Just about every Ethiopian restaurant offers a yetsom beyaynetu on Wednesdays and Fridays, and some offer it everyday of the week.

The mixed Ethiopian vegetarian plate offers a little bit of everything so that you get some real variety in your meal. I tried ordering single dishes occasionally, but I always ended up craving that mixed plate. The flavors and ingredients are so delicious together.

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