Gallery - Andu Cafe's New Look

Welcome to Andu Cafe Galley - Our cosy restaurant has been refurbished lately in order to accommodate more people. The restaurant is now spacious and has a different look.We have a booking service. You can book a table online or by phone. Come and visit as to feel the experience.

Andu Cafe from outside 02
Andu Cafe from outside
Interior look new 06
Interior look
Interior look new 05
Interior look
Andu cafe New look 09
Andu cafe from Outside

Gallery - Our Vegan Food

Our menu is made up of carefully selected ingredients that come together perfectly to create a menu that’s full of flavours to suit all tastes. Each dish has its own story to tell. See the Menu

AAndu Cafe food special
Vegan Food from menu
Andu Cafe food menu
Vegan Food from menu
Andu Cafe food special
Vegan Food from menu
Andu Cafe food special 06
Vegan Food from menu

Gallery - Our Customers 

We have customers from all walks of life and they love our food. We are the first Ethiopian restaurants in the UK who specializes in Ethiopian vegan food. Our main goal is to create a cosy environment for our customers where they can experience the delicious Ethiopian traditional food.

Andu Cafe satisfied customers 10


Traditional Feel

Ethiopia's rich and diverse history and culture is on display every day in the food Ethiopians eat, the clothes they wear, and the music that they play, sing and dance to. Our cosy restaurant is decorated with Ethiopian traditional ornaments. The atmosphere is very traditional, pleasant and vibrant.

Andu Cafe interior06
Andu Cafe interior 08
Traditional Drawings
Andu Cafe interior 11
Agelgel-Lunch box
Andu Cafe interior 10
Traditional Instruments